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Editor/IDE plugins

Below you can find syntax highlight definitions and other plugins for text editors and IDE-s that help you working with FreeMarker. We encourage everybody to develop and send syntax highlight definitions or other plugins for his/her favorite editor or IDE.

If you know of another product that should appear here, drop us a note.

The plugins

Anybody wants to improve these syntax highlights is welcome!

Editor or IDE Features Version File
Eclipse Syntax highlight, syntax error marker, code completion for macro names and bean property names. Part of the JBoss Tools Project. Install like this:
  1. In Eclipse, "Help" / "Eclipse Marketplace...", search for "JBoss Tools", "Install". A tree of checkboxes will appear, uncheck all (by unchecking the root) except "FreeMarker IDE". (On old Eclipse you may have to use the JBoss Tools download page instead.)

  2. If the plugin comes with a different FreeMarker version than the one your app works with, it will mark the usage of too fresh language features as errors, or the other way around. To fix this:
    Find freemarker*.jar under <yourHome>/.eclipse/. Exit Eclipse, and overwrite it with the jar you want (the file name must remain the same, with the now false version number in it).
    Note that downgrading or changes in the 1st or 2nd version number can (in theory) break the plugin.

Emacs Syntax highlight, indentation, block folding, some code navigation. Emacs major-mode for editing Web templates, includes FreeMarker support among others. The homepage of web-mode.el
Eclipse (tried with 3.x) FreeMarker documentation in the Eclipse help system.
Requires FreeMarker 2.3rc1 (or later), or 2.2.6 (or later) from the 2.2.x series
2004-03-13 fm-eclipse-help.tar.gz
Emacs (tried with 20.7) Syntax highlight 0.1 ftl.el
Kate and KWrite (tried with Kate 2.5.10 and 3.2) Syntax highlight 2009-08-08 kwriteftl.tar.gz
NetBeans (tried with 8.0.2) Syntax highlight, syntax error marker, directive name auto-completion. Can be installed from NetBeans, under Tools/Plugins. Also manually from its NetBeans plugin portal page...
NetBeans (6.0, maybe not 7) Syntax highlight, code completion, template navigation Downloadable from its NetBeans plugin portal page...
TextPad 4 or later Syntax highlight 2003-03-24
Vim ("Vi IMproved") Syntax highlight 2011-10-07 ftl.vim

Products that support FreeMarker out-of-the-box

IntelliJ IDEA 8.0 A well-known feature-rich commercial Java IDE.
jEdit 4.1 jEdit is a Free programmer's text editor written in Java. It is highly customizable, extensible, and has an easy-to-use interface.
SitePad Pro 6 SitePad Pro is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java, HTML, VRML and other files. It's commercial software.


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